Dharma Via Vishvas

PS: In case you’re wondering - the below sponsorship invitation has mostly been futile, and we’ve relied on family funds. (Details- dyuganga org page.)


Donate to Dharma via Vishvas if you:

  • like his creations and endeavors (described below), to which he is incidentally dedicated full-time
  • trust him to honestly use all money received here towards dharma.
  • either agree with his worldview, or acknowledge to yourself that it differs from yours.

PS: Vishvas is an individual - donations made via him are not tax-deductible.

Briefly, sponsorship will support open source (sanskrit/ jyotisha etc..) software, book digitization/ presentation, audio recording/ presentation, dictionary, text commentary projects.

Sponsorship will help with these open source projects:

  • Free open source software - See various repos under orgs such as sanskrit-programmers, jyotisha, indic-dict etc. (Full list under github profile).
  • Book digitizations. Examples -
    • saMskAraratnamAlA, an excellent KYV paddhati text especially popular in mahArAShTra (albeit belonging to the closely related hiraNyakeshI sUtra). This was executed by saMskRtabhAratI people (at their expense) after I suggested the text to them.
    • SC Vasu’s English commentary on aShTAdhyAyI ( example here ), sponsored by shrI nIlesh of ashyadhyayi.com .
  • Publishing and distributing useful dictionaries - See repos under indic-dict for example.
  • Producing audio books and recordings - See here for example.
  • Presentation of corrected, flowing text with audio tracks. The text will (just like our audio files) be made available for free in markdown format - anyone can copy and reuse. Examples of such text with audio presentations:
  • Original, easy to follow, commentary on (mostly sanskrit) classical texts. Examples:


  • I do much of the work myself. I also take (well-)paid support from other learned people via the dyuganga team.

Donation avenues

  • Sponsor some projects? Contact Vishvas.


  • UPI (Unified Payment Interface, for use in GooglePay, PhonePe, PayTM etc..):
    • vishvasid@ybl
    • Or use my phone number

USA and others

  • Use xoom.com to send money to UPI id mentioned for India above.
  • donorbox.org/dharma-via-vishvas (USD. Preferred for ACH.)
    • Charges we incur as of 2019: No donorbox fees upto 1k$. Payment processing costs:
      • 2.9% + 30c via stripe/ paypal
      • 0.8% + A Cap Of $5 ACH bank transfers
  • Github sponsors - Just use the sponsor button on the profile page. Intro.
  • Patreon
    • Fees we incur as of 2020:
      • $3 or less → 5% + $0.10
      • over $3 → 2.9% + $0.30
      • Additional 1% for non-US PayPal payments
      • 0.25$ when we move money received to bank account.
  • Paypal personal transfer - paypal.me/vishvasv , charges
    • Within US: No fee if using bank account, 2.9% + fixed fee if using credit card
  • Paypal biz (allows credit cards) here .
    • Charges we incur as of 2019: 2.9% + 30c