Vishvas's website विश्वासस्य जालक्षेत्रम्।

हरिः ॐ! स्वागतम्!

[Upscale test: 1.]

Why are you here? Probably for one of the following reasons:

  • You just want to check me and my interests out.
    • If so, welcome - click around.
  • You’re interested in me as a computer programmer or researcher.
    • If so, yes I am an engineer. I worked in some fancy corporations of my time, and graduated from the Computer Science department of the University of Texas at Austin with an MS in Computer Science. I keep engineering software for the sanskrit community. You’ll find my CV and details somewhere on this site.
  • You’re interested in me as a contributor to sanskrit learning and processing.
    • Oh, you’re more likely to be in luck. Look around. But you’ll probably not find my best work here. Instead head over to github (especially the coder organizations I participate in) and the mailing lists. And checkout dyugangA.
  • You’re interested in my views on certain topics.
    • If so, in some sensitive cases (rituals, politics, etc..) you’ll be disappointed and not find what you seek in this public place. Though there will be loads of public notes at sites such as Agama notes site.
    • In other cases, you can visit my notes site.

Like most people, I have dreams and a non-insignificant potential for good. Rest assured: My most frankest observations remain hidden. As they say: अतिपरिचयात् अवज्ञा। So, try not to form rather strong opinions based on this allegedly “personal” web page - this interaction is not satisfactorily deep!

Pretentious summary

A pretentious intro I wrote for myself in the third person for some lecture:

  • Vishvāsa, son of Vāsuki, is a practicing Hindu, a lover of both hard rationality and tender aesthetic sensitivity. He is content following the three life-values (puruṣartha-s), cognizant of his gratitude towards the deva-s, sages, his ancestors, society and nature at large. He spends much of his free time learning, composing and propagating saṃskṛta kāvya-s and shāstra-s. He also follows and occassionally debates some issues affecting the Hindu ethos and humanity in general. He speaks Saṃskṛtam, Kannaḍa, Hindī, Hebbār Tamiḷ and English - in roughly that order of preference. Originally from southern Karnāṭaka, his body is borne by the ??? area. He is a computer programmer by profession, and has sampled academic research in the past. Other interests include snowboarding, hiking, music, films, web surfing etc.. He organizes some of his thoughts at and welcomes comments and criticism.