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I love feedback: +ve or -ve. I am serious about it: I have a special folder for compliments and critiques (though I tend to then consciously reject the former in accordance with father manu - “सम्मानाद्ब्राह्मणो नित्य- मुद्विजेत विषादिव । अमृतस्येव चाकाङ्क्षे- दवमानस्य सर्वदा ।।”). So, don’t hesitate!

For future reference:[firstName]= vishvas,[lastName]= vasuki

Saying my name: vish-vaas vaa-suki. 信.


Anon message

You can send me an anon message here.


  • [firstName].[lastName]ATT gmail.com

You can verify my messages by using:

Voice-messaging IM!

  • telegram
  • zoom.us (Highly recommended for screen sharing and professional video conferencing)

I don’t like the below but rarely use them:

  • whatsapp
  • Duo

Internet chat:

I very rarely (almost never) use instant messengers.

  • Google talk, yahoo, skype:first name [dot] last name.

Professional and Social Networking websites:

In case we know each other, you may keep track of me (and discuss common interests) on these sites:


Phone +९१ ९५९१२६८५०६

(In USA): …



Emergency info

For use in case of emergencies:

  • Do not resuscitate.
  • Contact family and remind them of my death/ disability plan.
  • If dead:
    • Donate eyes and any viable organs.
    • Donate body to medical school for dissection training. If that is not possible, incinerate.

The name

‘vAsuki’ is not a ‘family name’; it is apatronymicwhich comes from the name of my father: ವಾಸುಕಿ ಕಡಬ ರಙ್ಗರಾಜ ಅಯ್ಯಙ್ಗಾರ್. (My family name would actually be ‘अय्यङ्गार्’.) So, I prefer to be called: vishvAs. (Note that I useOPTITRANSto encode hindu sounds in latin alphabet.)

Sites leading here

This info is useful in case of moving website location.

Profiles at:

  • linkedin
  • github.com
  • stackexchange


I like to practice my sometimes questionable language skills (संस्कृत-भाषा, ಕನ್ನಡ, हिन्दी, ಹೆಬ್ಬಾರ್ ತಮಿಳ್) on others. I try to speak Indian languages with Indians (an aptly moderated “न वदेद्यावनीं भाषां प्राणैः कण्ठगतैरपि”). Incidentally, you can practice conversational संस्कृत-भाषा in many places around the world, includingAustinand the SF Bay area (visit1and 2), thanks toसंस्कृत-भारती!