• The worlds of ideas are distinct from the directly experienced world of sensations. They can be accessed only by the intellect (aka the questioning mind) and assessed by sentiment.
  • Motivation
    • These are my personal maps to those worlds. The process of making them was quite addictive and satisfying once. I once had an obsessive (unpragmatic) need to understand everything from the very basic principles. “न ख्यातिलाभपूजार्थं ग्रन्थोऽस्माभिरुदीर्यते । स्वबोधपरिशुद्ध्यर्थं ब्रह्मविन्-निकषाश्मसु ॥”
    • These were written for my own edification- often as part of thinking aloud or thinking carefully. If you find it useful - great!

Self criticism:

  • Many are very unoriginal, terse, incomplete and incorrect.
  • Sometimes the stuff is pedantic. The truly surprising things are not adequately highlighted.

Currency and updates

  • They were mostly written and updated when I was trying my hand at academic research. Now, I only get to most of them very rarely.
  • Still, I love comments and corrections (not that I’ve ever received any!).

Scribe notes:


Sri Yantra

Tech details

  • My code is found elsewhere - check github.
  • Command pandoc --from latex --to gfm *.tex >intro.md